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 Become a Philadelphia BassBusters member:

 1.) The Philadelphia Bass Busters club was formed in 1987 to further the sport of freshwater angling.

2.) The goals of the club are: to educate and support the sport of angling.
~ Through this goal, we encourage the members to learn all they can about the sport & to share the knowledge and love of the sport with fellow anglers of all ages.

3.) We are a family oriented club & encourage all family members to participate in all of the clubs many functions.

4.) The club holds 19 regular season tournaments about every 2 weeks during the season.
~ Tournament winners receive trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
~ They also receive points toward our CLASSIC Tournament held in the fall.
~ The top 14 anglers (according to our CLASSIC point’ standings) attend a 2-day fish off to determine the CLASSIC WINNER.
~ This is the top award in the club.
~ Another top award is "Angler of the Year".
~ During the year, anglers gather points for total weight of fish caught.
~ At the end of the tournament season, the points are counted and the winner is announced at the annual banquet.
~ Other awards that are given are:
     A.) "Member of the Year" and …
     B.) "Most Improved Angler".
~ We also give out citations for largest fish in each of several species caught during the year.
~ Citations for 5 different species qualify the winner as an "Expert Angler".
~ 10 species qualify the winner as a "Master Angler".
~ Every member is eligible for these awards.

* THINGS that SEPARATE Our Club from other Fishing Clubs *

~ We allow the use of LIVE BAIT (which is unheard of in many bass clubs).
~ We actually encourage the use of live bait (minnows, shiners, night crawlers, garden worms, crayfish, and etc.)
~ We do fish for Bass, but ,we also target ALL other species of freshwater fish.
~ We also try to have 2 "kid’s only" outings a year: one in the spring & one in the fall.
~ Every child that attends receives participation trophies & the top 3 receive trophies indicating place.
~ Trophies are given out for weekly tournaments & kid’s outings at the next monthly meeting.
Trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes.
~ Once you have accumulated 4 trophies (and you are to receive a 5th), you may choose to receive a plaque. Turn in the first 4 trophies & those results are recorded on the plaque.

~ Our monthly meeting is held the 2nd Monday of each month at 7pm & lasts about 2 hours.

~ At the meeting, we give currant standings & minutes from the previous meeting along with comments on the upcoming tournaments.
~ Discussions about hot lures, baits & equipment seem to dominate many topics discussed.
~ We try to schedule speakers who are knowledgeable about relative subjects.
~ The speakers aren't always Pros, but, sometimes we find gold right in our club.
~ Anyone who has had a good bit of luck in a certain area qualifies him or her for speaker status.

~ We welcome you ALL to do so & share your knowledge with the other members.

~ We urge anyone interested in our club to attend one of our meetings in order to see what we have to offer you & your family (to help you all enjoy the sport of fishing..

~The annual banquet is held at the end of the fishing season (usually mid November).

~ At this gathering we give out the top awards of the club, the citations earned through the year and try to make light of the many things that CAN and DO happen to an angler through the year.
~ The food is home cooked and plentiful.
~ We have MANY door prizes to please everyone, not just the anglers.


** THANKS for CONSIDERING JOINING Philadelphia Bass Busters **

Thanks! Message sent.

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